Kali Goddess and Sacred Geometry

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Fearless and bold, Kali confronts life’s challenges with fierce determination. She is a master of her destiny and does not allow doubts or concerns to distract her from her goals. She naturally inspires others to follow her.


Spiritual Thailand

Awaken your soul with NunéMoné’s Spiritual Thailand collection and step inside a culture which weaves the spiritual and religious into everyday life...


Wild Africa

NunéMoné returns to our deepest roots for inspiration. African spiritualities value strength and resistance, believing we can only act with higher consciousness ...

Story #1

Alluring India

For Warriors, Queens and Women of Substance


TheFastYogi, Bali

"I bought my NuneMone sets in Bali while I had my yoga teacher training. She went out of her way to show me the collection in the hotel. I love the quality of her fabric, it feels so soft and light on the skin. Great colors, amazing feeling when you wear it, also when its hot outside!"


Lana, Madrid

"El mejor conjunto de yoga que he probado! Su material (spandex lycra) se ajusta perfectamente al cuerpo y da una sensación de segunda piel que apenas puedes sentir que llevas la ropa puesta! Ademas sus increibles colores y diseños inspirados en diferentes culturas del mundo te llenan de una energía especial no solo a la hora de hacer yoga sino también para cualquier otra actividad fisica: correr, andar o cualquier otro deporte. Yo llevo varios años con mis conjuntos, los lavo en la lavadora después de cada uso y siguen igual de nuevos que el día que los compré. Deseando ver la nueva colección ❤️"


Sandrine, France

"Love at first sight with my N'Gamé in June 2019 at New Earth Festival in Bali. I so much like it all. The fabulous design, the fantastic second skin sensation, and the great human story of NunéMoné and so talented Natasha!"


Acqua (Lost Resort TBS) and Ocean, México

"We are all living art, the clothes we wear should be high energy and inspiring! NunéMoné brings colour, empowerment and divine inspiration to all my dances and teachings! I feel powerful and sensual with their art and messages!"


Martyna, London

"I've received a first NunéMoné outfit from my dear friend and have never heard of this brand before. I fell in love with the texture, print and the way material glows to the skin. I have been practicing yoga, even more, when I have started to wear NunéMoné and even ordered one more beautiful trousers to have for the summer season. Such a beautiful design! But mostly its unique and so comfortable!"


Ella Benham, Ireland

"These are the most beautiful and comfortable leggings I have ever owned. It's like practicing yoga in a second skin!"


Nicky Whelan, Actress, Hollywood

"There's something incredibly special about NunéMoné ! I've known Natasha nearly 20 years there's always been something special about her so I wasn't surprised when she came out with this magical line. Every time I wear NunéMoné I'm constantly stopped and asked where I buy it from. I've never seen anything like this before. This is more than a line of fitness clothing there's something very special here."

NunéMoné creates clothing for brave, connected women

 It’s for Goddesses of all sizes, women who salute the sun, run with the wolves, dance under the stars. Whether you’re deepening your yoga practice, letting go of inhibition at a festival or exploring the world, NunéMoné will leave you feeling both feminine and effortlessly stylish.

A Manifestation of Growth and Self Discovery

Look closely and you’ll see that each NunéMoné design tells a multi-layered story of both humanity and spirituality. Our prints acknowledge the beautiful but sometimes raw, contradictions of life. By recognizing both the shadows and the light, we find balance, truth and growth, the most potent ingredients of authentic self discovery. NunéMoné will allow you manifest your intentions, to bring your sassy, authentic, wild self to the mat, the party - and beyond - with compassion and gratitude for every facet of your being