Look closely and you’ll see that every NunéMoné design tells a story. What you may not see is the bespoke artistic process that goes into bringing that story to life. Each piece is individually designed then cut and sewn by hand. It is a meticulous and time-consuming journey that’s completed with an eye to detail and an open heart.


Designer and founder Natasha Matovic brings her soul to each new range of NunéMoné yoga and festival wear. While exploring the globe Natasha’s goal is to watch and listen for beauty. She dips her toes into the culture of every destination, connecting with the powerful artistic energies of humanity and spirituality that are present to form her ideas.


It is these rich and mysterious experiences which form the basis of the imagery in each print. She sees a story that needs to be told and begins sketching the experience. It could be the proud beauty of a dancer in a street ceremony or a shared moment of humanity in a bustling market.

Content Creation

After forming the images on the pages of her sketch pad, the manifestation process begins. Using art and imagery from across the globe she builds a vision board which will form the beginning of the pattern

Pattern Creation

Natasha creates a unique pattern by blending and layering the elements of her vision into a unique mix which weaves the magic of the experience with beautiful colors and vivid imagery.

Pattern Placement

A 360-degree digital print placement technology ensures that the pattern sits flawlessly across the lines of every garment. NunéMoné is made with light, silky soft materials that hold the pattern beautifully and mold to your figure. The pattern on each leg is placed separately in an intricate and sometimes painstaking process.

Hand Cutting

Once the design is complete, Natasha uses Balinese artisans to individually cut and sew each garment by hand. Each artisans is employed under a fair trade policy and works in a naturally inspiring environment with an attitude of love. In true opposite to mass production, each NunéMoné piece is as unique as the woman who wears it.