NunéMoné creates vibrant, spirited activewear that speaks to powerful women. Each of the bold and eclectic designs tells its own, unique story that’s inspired by the untamable women who wear them. Whether you’re surrendering on the mat, running barefoot on the sand, or dancing under the moon, NunéMoné activewear allows you to express the river of joy running that’s through you.

Buying activewear online isn’t always easy for a mindful woman. Not all companies operate in a socially and environmentally friendly way. At NunéMoné, we understand that when conscious and empowered women buy activewear online, they want to know that they’re buying something ethical. They want to be sure that they’re making an authentic statement, and choosing something as unique as they are.

When you purchase NunéMoné’s activewear online, you’re supporting a local artisan. Each item we create goes through a stage of deep conceptualisation. Every piece has been individually designed, cut, and sewn by hand. Our promise means you don’t need to be hesitant when buying activewear online.All of our items were made with a deep love and the intention to let you nurture your inner flame, or set it free.