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Olokun Leggings


Goddess of untold secrets and unfulfilled desires, Olokun dares us to look deep within ourselves in order to live a life free of regrets and unexplored potential. Her knowledge is immense and frightening, but connecting with Olokun will help you face your deepest fears to build strength and resilience.

Olokun is the Queen of the Unspoken. She rules the Realm of Dreams and the Unconscious. She attracts seekers of wisdom, promising the power to divine the mysteries of life.


  • Hand Made, 360 Placement Print Design
  • Tummy Tucking High or Low Waistband Wearability
  • Micro Poly 95% Spandex 5%
  • Luxurious, Form Fitting, Lightweight, Breathable 
  • Quick Drying - Within Minutes Sweat Evaporates
  • Moisture Wicking - Evenly Distributes Sweat Across The Surface
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Cold Wash